Metro Moneywise is thrilled to welcome a new payroll partner, Ordinary Lifestyles.

What is Ordinary Lifestyles?

Created in 1993 by a group of Manchester-based parents with adult sons and daughters with learning disabilities, Ordinary Lifestyles was created to give vulnerable adults equal opportunities to live independently and integrate with the community.

Thirty years on, thanks to Ordinary Lifestyles, adults with learning disabilities can settle in their own homes, become active members of their local communities and take control over their own ambitions with the assistance of paid support workers. The organisation supports adults across Manchester and Trafford, meeting the unique needs of each individual, no matter how complex.

What does this mean for employees of Ordinary Lifestlyes?

Being a credit union member will enable the employees of these four companies to save money, get access to low-cost loans, and learn about financial wellbeing. Becoming a credit union member is an excellent staff benefit and can help improve the financial situations of everyone involved.

Regular saving via payroll deduction is recognised as a positive way to encourage greater financial sustainability. This is because it allows people to automatically put money away into savings, which can be used in an emergency or for other purposes.

What is Metro Moneywise?

Metro Moneywise is a not-for-profit savings and loans co-operative dedicated to promoting safe, consistent saving and low-cost responsible borrowing. By reinvesting any surplus within the organisation to our members through better interest rates than high street banks, the credit union helps to build wealth within the communities we serve.

Our payroll deduction scheme offers employees of these four new companies a chance to access and support an ethical form of saving provision, which will also make a difference to others. As our membership continues to grow, the credit union continues to expand its work helping low-income households escape from debt and take control of their finances.

Employees can join Metro Moneywise here. In the same way as other financial institutions, members’ savings are protected (up to £85,000) by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

We’re happy to support Ordinary Lifestyles’ goal to enable adults to live and thrive safely in their own homes and communities by providing their workforce with savings and loans that improve their own qualities of life too.