Why should employers partner with Metro Moneywise? Simply put, we help you succeed in your business goals—at no expense to you.

We’re a reliable partners’ credit union and work with numerous well-established organisations, including NHS trusts and Rochdale local authority. We’ve built up an impressive payroll partner portfolio because we know how to help you become a more attractive employer.

Why work with Metro Moneywise?

26% of working-age adults in the UK have no savings at all and a further 29% have less than £1k in savings

59% of employees with money worries say they are not working at their best

1 in 4 employees lose sleep over money worries

Helping employees manage their money reduces absenteeism and increases productivity

Employees who get into a savings habit are less likely to get into a debt and more likely to perform well at work

Helping your employees manage their money increases loyalty and helps you retain your best people

The benefits of working with Metro Moneywise Credit Union

Partnering with us means you can offer an attractive employee benefit at no cost; we handle all member enquiries, and there’s no liability to you as an employer. Foster positive workplace wellbeing and help your workforce become happier and more productive with access to their partners’ credit union loans, savings, and budgeting tips. Meet your corporate social responsibility objectives along the way, too.

Read on to see our partner credit union benefits.

There is no cost or liability to you as an employer, we deal with all members enquiries

We look after almost £12 million of our members’ savings

We have shared £2.5 million of our profits with our members

We have saved members £12 million in loan interest with our low cost loans*

Over 10000 employees and their family members have joined our credit union

We provide 1-1 support and advice for members in financial difficulty

We provide payroll deductions in partnership with over 40 employers

We have lent over £45 million to our members in almost 30 years of trading



Step 1

Support will be given to your payroll team to set up the Payroll deduction process.


Step 2

A monthly list will be sent to your Payroll team with any new or amended deductions


Step 3

We would require a list of the confirmed monthly deductions on an agreed date


Step 4

Monthly BACS payments

If you would like to learn more about promoting our services to your employees please contact us on 01706 298966 or email