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Like you, we know that life’s twists and turns aren’t always straightforward. Our friendly advisers will assess all credit union loans based on your personal circumstances. There are no hidden fees or early repayment penalties for our members, and we offer free loan protection for up to the age of 70.

Apply for credit union loans with us in just a few steps. Then our advisors will assess your circumstances to determine how much we can lend and how you can pay it back. With a Metro credit union personal loan, we aim to find the best and most realistic solution to ensure you get the maximum value from your credit union’s loans and won’t get trapped in debt.

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With no hidden fees or early repayment penalties, and free loan protection up to the age of 70, our rates are hard to beat.

Everyday Loan

Borrow from £500 to £5000 at 19.6% APR

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Aspire Loan

Borrow over £5,000 to £25,000 at 12.7%APR

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Premium Loan

  Subject to a good credit score borrow over £5000 to £25,000 at 6.2% APR

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Savings Secured Loan

 Borrow double your savings from £5,000 to £25,000 at 3% APR

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Debt Consolidation Loan

Borrow from £500 to
£5,000 at 26.8% APR

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Whether this is your first credit union loan or not, we’ll give you the support you need to make an informed decision and ensure you can make repayments in a manageable way. Your credit union loan application will be processed fast so you can get on with the important things in life.  

To apply for a credit union loan, you must be a member with us, and to be a member, your employer must be one of our partners. Find out if your employer is a partner and Join Metro Moneywise quickly in a few steps. Or, download our app for the fastest way to apply for a credit union loan or a top-up loan online.

We can help you make the right decision

If you have questions about our credit union personal loan requirements, limit, approval time, credit score, and our own credit union loan terms, don’t hesitate to contact us. A member of our team will be able to answer your questions. Talk to us about credit union debt consolidation, credit builder loans, and credit union loan protection insurance to find out how we can help you.

Or you can browse our blog, where we post tips, tricks, and resources to help you learn about loans from credit unions and manage your finances.