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We’ve helped over 2,200 NHS workers feel more financially secure.

Join Metro Moneywise

Metro Moneywise a non-profit co-operative NHS Credit Union supporting our key health and social care workers.

We empower health and social care workers and their families with affordable loans, secure savings, and financial advice. 

As a team of healthcare credit union advisors and specialists, we reduce fear and stress around financial independence, saving, and borrowing. We create positive financial wellbeing cultures by offering guidance, assistance, and opportunities you can’t get on the high street. 

If you’re looking for a nurses credit union, hospital credit union, or a credit union for dentists, administration staff, or health and social care employees, your search is over. We’re a credit union for healthcare workers that welcomes members in all positions in NHS trusts. Speak to a team member today about healthcare worker credit union services.

Our Areas of Expertise

We are a public sector credit union serving the hard-working individuals that keep our country running, Rochdale and beyond. Get in touch with us to find out about other sectors we work with, including Rochdale Council and organisations in public education.

What We Offer


 Everyone’s circumstances are different. We don’t expect all our members to meet one specific set of requirements. One of our advisors will assess your loan application based on your personal circumstances. Our loan decisions are made by humans, not computers. 

Our NHS credit union loans interest rates start as low as 3% APR*, and there are no hidden fees because we want to be upfront with all our customers. We also offer top-up loans and secured loans. Click the link below to find out why our loans are so competitive.

*To qualify for our 3% APR loans, you must have a savings balance of £5,000 and be a member for over six months.


We offer ways to make saving easy. As a member of Metro Moneywise, you can save directly from your wages. We help you keep your savings safely separate from your regular bank account, so there’s no risk of dipping into them later in the month.

But we also want our members to have independence. NHS credit union savings can start at as little as £5 per month, and there’s no limit to how much you can withdraw (unless secured against your loan). If you want to withdraw before 3 pm Mon-Fri, we’ll process it the same day.

Insider Advice from the Specialists

Do you want to make the most out of an upcoming holiday? Perhaps you’re concerned with tightening your belt and improving your credit score? Whatever you want to get out of joining Metro Moneywise, we do our best to inform and educate our credit union NHS members and partners on how to get the most out of our services.

We offer wide-ranging support as a social care & health services credit union. Whether you’re a trainee nurse,  a GP,  receptionist, or part of the sanitation team, we’re an NHS healthcare professionals’ & healthcare workers’ credit union for all.

Visit our advice and resources hub if you want to know how to budget and save effectively. 

Who We Work With


Northern Care Alliance, Manchester Foundation Trust, East Lancs Hospital Trust, Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust, and NHS Pennine Care chose to partner with us because we help their employees feel happier, more confident, and more financially independent, leading to more positive, productive workforces.

If you choose to partner with Metro Moneywise healthcare credit union, your staff get access to our accessible savings and loans as well as professional financial advice and guidance to get the most out of our service. There’s absolutely no cost or liability to you.


Thousands of NHS employees have taken the step to a brighter financial future and joined Metro Moneywise. We’re one of the best credit unions for healthcare workers in the UK, and we pay more in interest and dividends than any bank on the high street.

We’re a cooperative healthcare professionals’ credit union, meaning our members own Metro Moneywise, and our group decisions are in our members’ best interests. If you’re interested in being part of a credit union for healthcare professionals that has your wellbeing at heart, click the link below.

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