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While you look out for others’ futures, we help you look after your own.

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We are a teachers’ credit union offering low-cost loans and easy saving options to anyone in the education sector.

Teachers contribute an invaluable service to our society; we think they have the right to feel financially secure and independent. But we’re not only an educators’ credit union. If you’re employed in education administration, management, or sanitation, we can help you too.

We want to improve the quality of life for people that work hard to give us all a bright future. We do this by helping you learn more about ways of saving that work for you and offering manageable saving plans and loans. As an educational community credit union, we believe offering professional advice and guidance is vital, and we’ll do this in any way we can.

Thanks to our competitive rates and services, we’ve partnered with some highly prominent public sector organisations in the North West. Click the link below to speak to a friendly specialist and learn more about Metro Moneywise, an educational employees credit union.

Our Areas of Expertise

Metro Moneywise is a credit union with common bonds in the public sector, and we’ve helped people gain financial security and reach their goals for over 30 years. We have partners and members in numerous prominent NHS trusts in the North West as well as Rochdale Council.

What We Offer


We work with our members to bring them realistic and manageable loans. Everyone has different circumstances, so all our credit union education loans are revised and assessed on a case-by-case basis. We’ll work with you to find the best solution, our loan decisions are made by humans not computers.

Depending on your loan, our teachers’ credit union interest rates are as little as 3% APR*, we don’t give our customers early repayment penalties, and there’re no hidden fees. We’re upfront and transparent with our members to ensure they have maximum control over their money. 

*To qualify for our 3% APR loans, you must have a savings balance of £5,000 and be a member for over six months.


Teacher’s credit union online banking and saving is all about finding ways to make you feel more secure. Many of our education members want to put away savings for a rainy day, family, or a summer holiday (if they get the chance!). With our account, you can save from £5 to £350 per month, and everything is protected (up to £85,000) by the FSCS as standard. 

Opening a teachers credit union savings account with us means your employer can deposit a pre-agreed amount of your wages every month, taking the hassle and discipline out of saving for you. Education credit union online banking is made easy with our help.

Guidance from Money Saving Specialists

As a community education credit union, we know how powerful knowledge can be. That’s why educating our members on budgeting, saving, and loans is so high on our agenda. Through education, we intend to give our members the tools they need to attain financial independence and control what and how they spend. 
Browse our knowledge hub for tips, tricks, and guides on how to save whilst getting the most out of your money. Click the link below for credit union educational content from the experts at Metro Moneywise.

Who We Work With


We’ve been a credit union since 1990, having built a prominent payroll partner and membership portfolio thanks to services and financial advice that challenge our competitors. Today our partners include organisations like Rochdale Council and a wide range of NHS trusts who put their faith in us because of our unwavering success and satisfaction rates.

As a teachers’ credit union, our members’ savings and loans are managed by the specialist team at Metro Moneywise, and we’re always there to take care of questions and queries. As an employer, there’s no cost or liability to you. We take care of everything.


Metro Moneywise is a highly competitive education employees credit union, and members take advantage of perks and benefits like our monthly lottery and annual meeting. We’re always quick and easy to contact if you ever need advice or have a burning question. 

We’re a teachers’ community credit union owned and controlled by its members, so we always work toward everyone’s best interests. Surplus interest that doesn’t go to our running costs is split between all our members, and when you save with us, we pay more money in dividends and interest than banks on the high street.

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