2021 is finally here! A welcome arrival after the way 2020 panned out. As we enter the new year, we’ll all no doubt be talking about our hopes for 2021 and those all-important new year’s resolutions.

Year upon year, one of the most popular resolutions is to save a bit of extra money – whether it’s for a car, holiday or just a rainy day. Unfortunately, like our new year’s diets and fitness regimes, that resolution is usually ditched within a few weeks.

But what if we could give you a money-saving resolution that was easy to make and even easier to stick to?

Introducing Nowt to £5k

This year, Metro Moneywise is launching Nowt to £5k – our dedicated campaign to help you build up your savings in 2021. We’ll be providing a series of free factsheets to help you set aside some cash, as well as offering the most effortless way to save…

By saving directly from your salary, you can build your savings without even noticing. The money goes into your credit union account before it hits your bank account. You can save from as little as £5 per month (or up to £350 per month), and up to a total of £12,500.

Whether you want to save for a car, a dream holiday or just to have something to fall back on when you need a bit extra, our easy access account is a great way to get into the savings habit.

So what about the £5k?

Nowt to £5k is all about getting you in the habit of saving money. If you saved just £20 per month, you would have £240 by the end of the year. While that might not seem like much, it’s a nice little financial cushion for a bit more peace of mind.

Once you get into the savings habit, it’s so much easier to increase the amount you save. After saving £240 in 2021, you could increase your monthly savings in 2022 and it won’t be long before you’re heading towards your own £5k!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our members have to say…

“It is surprising how quickly your savings build up”

“It’s a good way of saving, especially for people that struggle as it’s taken out of my hands”

“I love the fact that you can’t access the money as easily as tapping away with a debit card”

Sign up for your free factsheets

Need some inspiration for how to save money? Our team have created a series of free factsheets, providing ideas on how to save small sums of money or completely change your life and reach that big savings goal. Remember, you only need to pick one to make a difference.

On our Nowt to £5k page, you can also use our handy calculator to work out how much you could save based on affordable monthly payments. Or figure out how long it would take you to reach your savings goal.

To receive our free factsheets, simply email info@metromoneywise.co.uk. Or visit our website to find out more about our credit union and join your colleagues that are already members.