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Save securely whilst repaying an affordable loan with us


Safe Savings

Save directly from your wage and get an annual dividend to make your money work as hard as you do.

Personal Loans

We’re dedicated to responsible lending with fair, affordable rates to help you get the credit you need.


Member Benefits

Our members benefit from a range of great products, shared profits and a truly personal service.



Founded in 1990, Metro Moneywise Credit Union is an employee-based credit union in the North West of England. We’re run by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers in Rochdale. But most important of all are our members, who make us what we are.


We are a community

By joining Metro Moneywise, you become part of a credit union that helps all of its members. In simple terms, your savings allow us to provide loans to other members. That includes yourself, should you ever need a loan.

Our borrowers pay interest which funds the running of the credit union, and any surplus is split between members. Best of all, your money is fully protected, so there’s no risk.

We’re democratic

Our members are what make up the credit union, they’re who we work for and, crucially, they hold the power in our organisation.

All members are shareholders, meaning you get a share of any profits and a say in how we move forward – whether that’s attending our Annual General Meeting, applying to join the Board of Directors or just providing feedback on the service you’ve received.

We’re run for you

 We put our members needs at the heart of everything that we do – and we understand that life isn’t always straightforward. Whatever your circumstances, our friendly, helpful and professional team work hard to ensure that our members are always better off with us.
That extends from our transparent approach with no hidden charges or fees, to our flexible products that can be adapted if your requirements change.

We hope you join us and if you are already a member, welcome back.


I've been a member for 21 years and there have been many occasions when helpful and friendly staff have assisted with a loan in a speedy manner

Written by Tina Cartmell

The staff are professional, helpful, courteous and efficient and I hope in the current climate are around for years to come

Written by Donna Stockton

My Credit Union has been a godsend at times helping me financially when I really needed it. Staff are wonderful and do their utmost to help you.

Written by Jacqueline Beresford

May I request a new membership form, as I have encouraged and persuaded my 19 year old daughter to start saving. Many thanks from a satisfied customer

Written by Carol Stopford