Personal Loans

Standard Loan - 12.7% APR 

Our flexible loans start from £500 up to £5000.

Loans over £5000 - 6.4% APR 

Once you have been a member for 6 months, you can apply for a loan over £5000 and up to £15,000 above your savings.  Maximum loan £20,000.

Savings Secured Loan - 3% APR - Minimum loan £5000 

To apply for a savings secured loan you must have at least £5000 in savings.  You can borrow up to the equivalent of your savings and the full loan is secured at all times against your savings. 

Revolving Credit - 12.7% APR 

For members who have been saving for 12 months or more there is an additional and even more flexible loan facility. Our Revolving Credit Loan lets you draw out money when you need it, up to a maximum limit of £2,000.

To apply for a loan give us a call on 01706 714 579, or if you are already a member you can downloan our Nivo app for a faster more secure way to borrow. 

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